Sunday, September 30, 2012

Merci, Septembre.

September oh september... Another super busy month.

Too much laugh, too much pain, too much smile, too much sad, too much income, too much outcome and too much the too much other.

So, let's check out what happened on my September. Check this out!

September, 1st - 9th 2012

Prepare for MPK's book. Sleeplate and wake earlier. Panda's eyes.

September, 2nd 2012

Dwi's birthday at Burger King, Botani Square with my One Soul. Miss them...

September, 6th 2012

Asbil's birthday. Made a little surprise with Asri, Jamie and Fajar for her sweet seventeen.

September, 7th 2012

Another great moment. Went to 8 Senior High School, Jakarta. So excited to go there! New friends and new experiences. Then, help Jamie to made a scrapbook for his girlfriend, Amira. Because that day is their anniversary.

September, 8th 2012

Went to Box Office with OSISMPK 2012/2013

September 9th 2012

Every candidate leader of OSISMPK campaign their vision and mission after monday ceremony.

September 9th - 14th 2012

Every candidate leader of OSISMPK must said their vision and mission to every class in smantiboo. Then, prepare for LDK OSISMPK 2012/2013

September 12th 2012

My 1st anniversary. Not as nice as the expectation. Went to Uci's home in Cipaku at 8 pm and blew candles in a cake together. Sweet moment...

September 13th 2012

Voting time for the next leader of OSIS and MPK Smantiboo. Then, went to RP with Juen and Muthi

September 14th 2012

Went home late. Must do everything for LDK OSISMPK Smantiboo. Went to Baranang Siang and shouted "OSIS MPK TIGAAA!" Whoaaa!

September 15th - 16th 2012

LDK OSISMPK Smantiboo. Really really interesting. Many of lesson, you'll got. There was announce who will be the next leader of OSIS and MPK. The result is... Rafie Fauzi as leader of OSIS and Raden M. Adnan Habieb as leader of MPK. Good job, bro!

September 21th - 23th 2012

Abi (Raden M. Adnan Habieb), Aji (Adam Aji M.) and Me (Indra Nurhafidh H.) went to Cibubur to attending Lazuardi Birru Youth Training. Inspired event. Already miss 317 people from 30 provinces in Indonesia

September 24th - 29th 2012

Mid Term Examination. I don't want explain how my result is...

September 28th 2012

Going to interview one of Master Chef Indonesia 2 for Triple Magazine.

September 29th 2012

Had a really awesome quality moment with Jamie, Juen, Rafi, Muti, Asri, MU and Harits. Feels like an adventurer...

September 30th 2012

Rahmi Karmelia's birthday. Made a surprise for her with Una, Uci, Hasna, Jupu, Satrio, Ismi. G7C!

Thanks for everything, September!

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