Friday, November 13, 2015

Kind of Friday Night

I always love sit in the coffee shop while thinking, writing post(s) and seeing full of people around, alone. No, its not about loneliness, its about 'me time', like everybody need me time for relaxing their mind. And with this, I'm enjoying my me time.

Iced Vanilla Latte with Butter Croissant

Anyway, I'm on bad mood today. My car's emblem got broken bcs I was too fast driving so I hit my wall's house when I was putting my car into the garage. Then, in the afternoon my mom said that she want to seeing a movie with me in the evening. Ok then, I retreated to go out in the afternoon. And when I asked my mom to go to cinema then she said rainy outside *not make a sense* and she got headache. Yeah that was harapan kosong. So I'm very bored, then I went to here, Sbux, to have some me time.

Yeah this is my kind of Friday night. Where's yours?

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