Sunday, April 22, 2012

G7EECast Goes to Dufan!

A weeks ago, I went to Dufan (Dunia Fantasi) with G7EECast

We went there by car&train.

I went there by car with Rahmi, Hasna & Ismi.

 (Hasna, Ismi, Me and Rahmi)
Before we went to dufan, we went to the Ancol Beach first.

The weather was so hot there! But, I'm not bring my glasse.

Here we are! 

(Ismi, Me and Rahmi)
 (Hasna, Ismi and Me)
After took some photos, we went to dufan and so crowded! And I must bought 4 tickets for my friends.
Then after 45 minutes, finally I got it!

When we want entered dufan, we met our friends, Julia Puteri. She went dufan with her friends in Budi Mulya. 

(Pic1: Rahmi, Ismi, Hasna and Me)
(Pic2: Hasna, Me, Julia and Rahmi)
(Pic3: Ismi, Me, Julia and Rahmi)
Then, we went to the locket and entered dufan. Wohoo!
At dufan, we met our G7EECast's friends who went dufan by train. 
(Hasna, Khansa, Rahmi, Ismi, Shafina, Satrio, Bayu, Anhari and Amalia)
Before enjoying dufan's vehicles, we took a lunch. A quick lunch.
After that, we enjoyed Dufan's vehicles.
Here some photos:   

(Rahmi and Hasna)
(Me with Hasna look so desperate here)

(Rahmi, Hasna and Me)
(Hasna, Rahmi and Me)
Our friends who went dufan by train, went to home first. But, us who went by car still enjoy Dufan's vehicles.
When the time is about 18:15, we decided to watched an unique and awesome drama musical!
Why am I said unique and awesome? Because the drama musical used an effect water and the effect was sooooooooo amazed! Cool! Awesome!   

(The drama. I can't took an effect the water because so hard to shot)

(Me, Ismi, 2 people who played drama and Rahmi)
After watched a drama musical we went to home again.
I arrived at home at about 22:00
Haaaah!! Finally touchdown my bed.

So guys, Dufan is always make us happy and forget our sadness even you've went there many times.

Okay guys, its all done! Bye :D

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