Sunday, April 15, 2012


What is "G7ee Cast"?

Is it a parody of "Glee Cast"?

What does the fckn' meaning of "G7ee Cast"?

So... I want talking about G7ee Cast.

G7ee Cast is my class. X7 on SMAN 3 Bogor

G7ee Cast (Glory 7 Extraordinary Enthusiastic Charming Adorable Sepuluh Tujuh SMA Negeri 3 Bogor) is an unusual class.

I'm so proud being one of G7ee Cast.

In G7ee Cast, I found someone who I loved. Exactly, really really I loved. And she is... Firdausy Nursari Murti. She's not beautiful. She's not thin and tall like a model. She's not a perfect girl. But, I just love her with no reason in the way she is.

Okay. Let's continue again...

In X7, there are 32 people with has no same characteristic each other.

There are black, white, smart, kind, annoying, cool, handsome, beautiful, cute, crazy, silly, etc.

We are different, but it doesn't matter.

We have something unique in this class and all people in this class has knew it and I don't want to talking about it because its our secret :p

Honestly, I don't want leaving for ever. But in several months again, we have to leave and start a new class.

Ich liebe dich, guys :D

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