Sunday, March 3, 2013

All About January & February.

January, 1st.
Celebrating NYE with sister

January, 3rd.
Went to Jakarta with my Alay, Sarah Megarani

January, 5th.
Q-time with Random and celebrating Manda's bday bash on Box Office

With the girl on reunion
January, 6th.
G7EECast's reunion. AAAH!! You're best, guys!

January, 10th.
Meet up with gengs, Nia and Nicky

January, 11th.
Got free lunch desserts at Pancake Corner as Triple Magazine's partner
January, 12th.
Watched Dwi Warna Fest (FDW) 2013 at Gor Padjajaran, celebrating 4 months anniversary

Pardon my face

January, 18th.
Interviewing Gustav Aulia as Presenter of Seputar Indonesia for Triple Magazine corner. Respect!

January, 19th.
Watching Gamaliel, Audrey, Cantika (GAC) and Nidji at MegaSpirit as Triple Magazine's partner with Satrio and Khansa at Lakeside, Bogor

January, 26th
Opening Honda Development Basketball League (DBL) West Java Series - West Region at Gor Padjajaran, Bogor. I'm journalist 

January, 27th.
Smanti's match on DBL. Even lose, we are still proud!

Couple Date at Puji's Sweet 17th

February, 2nd.
Just attended Nadine's Party at her home and Puji's Party at Catherius Cafe. Happy sweet 17th!

February, 5th.
Happy Birthday Atikah Gantini! Watched Smanda's match and late surprise for Atikah.

She looks pretty with the dress

February, 8th.
Malai's birthday party at Dapur Geulis.

February, 9th.
Zatalini, Jamie, Febri, Tiera, and Me went to Poe's crib. Get well soon, nyeti!

February, 17th.
Playing with children from Panti Sosial Permata Hati. They were so cute

February, 23th.
Celebrating brother's birthday in Pizza Hut nomnom

February, 28th (+1)
Surprised for Stella Pricilia. Full of something disgusted.

January 1st - February 28th
Kinda stress. Homework, exercises, exam, and practicum all day long. Another hard months.

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