Monday, October 15, 2012

Awkward 16th part 2

October 11th 2012 was awesome and I heart that day. But my awkward 16th hasn't ended yet. October 12th 2012, that day is my day too. Let's check this out~
October 12th 2012

12? That's my anniversary! 13rd months anniversary, exactly hehehehe. But, she didn't come to school and we can't celebrated it together. Sorry dear... The school start like usual until the bell ringing. After the bell ringing, I have Triplemagz's meeting. We meeting with our beloved teacher, Mrs. Erna Susilawati. After we meeting, our senior Ghena, Husna and Nesya came to us. They evaluated us. So scared at that moment. They said that they upset to me and so dissapointed. And before I drop my tear, Una came with bigmac and a candle there and they guys sang happy birthday for me. Actually I've knew that they will give me surprise, but the surprise was just like real and really made me scared. Btw, thanks for the evaluation my beloved senior! I'll make you proud of me. Insya Allah and I'll do my best. Amin

Pias Face with Triplemagz :( hahahaha
After that meeting, I want to go to Retno's home with Rafi, MU and Retno to do English Assignment. But before go there, Cinta said that I must go to the 4th floor. Then I went there and voila! My clothes full of water. Rain local hahaha. After that, I blew candles and ate the cake. Thanks my SASAJII :D

My new handphone... broken again </3

I miss ya guys! Thanks for the surprise, cake and the t-shirt!

I'm glad I have you guys! SASAJII :D


They just successfully made my day even made my phone broken for the second time hehehe :D

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