Friday, October 5, 2012

October, 11th 2011

Well, actually I have nothing to do. I wrote it at 1:37 AM.  I can't sleep. Then, I opened my facebook and I see my albums, "15 y/o" exactly. Hahhhh! Gonna miss that moment. So far, that was my best birthday. 

October, 11tb 2011

My three cake's birthday

So... I spent my 15th birthday with people that I loved. I mean... Super duper I loved. They are...

First of all... My family! I love them! They are my inspriation! I never regret that I was born in this awesome family!
G7EECAST! I'm glad I found them. They are really awesome. Miss ya :'')
One Soul! Without them, my life just so flat. My bestfriends ever :D
 And the last is...

My lovely, Firdausy Nursari Murti. Nothing can I explained. She's too perfect. Ciyus, nelan deh!
God, please make people that I loved more happy. Give them a health, give them everything that they needed. I can't live without them. Save them, God!
 God, thanks for your kindness and everything that you gave to me. You never stop give what I need, but I always lazy to do what you want me to do. I swear that I can change it.
I just wanna say that I want meet with October, 11th else. I wish you'll grant all my wishes. Amin

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