Monday, October 15, 2012

Awkward 16th

Just passed October 11th 2012 with smile and laugh. Now, I'm 16th! And I got my awkward 16th. Lemme telling you the stories. The story begins...
Wednesday, October 10th 2012.
I got my phone back! Mom tell me that was my present. Don't know that I should happy because I have phone or sad because mom don't bought me any present. But, thanks god! Mom knows best :)

Thursday, October 11th 2012.

Unusual thursday morning. Feels so sad. There is no cake and present from family  May they guys are busy, just let it flow hehehe. School-time! Many wishes from friends. Happy to know that they guys are really care. After school-time, I got chat from One Soul that I must go to the outside of school. Then, they gave me surprised! I'm so excited! Thanks for the surprise and wallet, my bbitttchheess :*
Surprise from One Soul
After that, I went to home. I have nothing to do, then I opened my mom's bbm. Then, there is chat from Maryam Ulfa. She told my mom, that she want to go to my home to do surprise with osismpk. So, I just laugh hehehe. After that, Uci chat mom's bbm too. She told my mom that she want to go my home too. And I just laugh again hehehe. So, I just act like I'm surprised hehehe. Sorry guys hehehehhe

Surprise from her <3

A little part of G7EECast <3
 Feels so happyyyy! Full of happiness. You guys just made my day! Thankkyooouuuu :)

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